We have had the pleasure of working with Castagna Builders on two separate occasions. [First], we hired them to create a 10x16 addition with a full kitchen remodel. Everything went as smooth as possible with the work and the contract (very professional). ... extremely well done and Vic kept to all deadlines throughout the life of the contract. He did a great job of matching up old construction with new construction to create a beautiful new kitchen! We continually get compliments. One of the things that we most appreciated with Vic is that he was always willing to hear the ideas we had about possibilities and would provide us with accurate information on how it could work (or if it could not). [Then] we decided to change a one-bedroom second floor room into two bedrooms. We contacted Castagna Builders and they did an excellent job once again. Vic offered ideas and suggestions to help us best utilize the space that was available. The rooms turned out awesome and Castagna Builders was able to stick to timelines, contractual costs, etc. If we had another project, we would not hesitate to contact this dependable, trusting company.

— M.M. Teti

We could not have asked for a better builder than Victor Castagna. Building a new home is stressful; but with Vic, you know he is going to do his best to make sure everything is done right, done on schedule and budget, and done with the customer’s intentions in mind. He is honest, hard-working and trustworthy. We had a new home built in 2012 and were blown away by the level of service and attention to detail that Vic gave. He was always available for questions, checked in with us often as the building was going on and worked very hard to stay on (or beat!) the promised schedule. We had started planning our project with another builder and were very disappointed when that didn't work out, but it was truly a blessing. We found Vic through an internet search, saw that he was BBB accredited and called his references. Every one we talked to said, "We can't say enough good things about Vic" and after having our house built by him, we agree. Vic took his time explaining everything to us to make sure we fully understood the whole process. He works to get every detail right, including fixing things we would have never noticed. He doesn't try to price gouge you — we always knew exactly how much any upgrade would cost and he treated our money like it was his own, didn't waste it. There were multiple occasions that Vic went out of his way to make sure we were more than happy with everything in our house. ... anyone who is considering using Vic as a builder. ... in our opinion, he would be the best choice you could make.

— Thanks, Vic, K. and A. Warren

As long time neighbors of the Castagna family, we knew Victor was a top notch builder with many years of experience and a solid reputation. So when we decided to build a porch addition on the back of our house, we trusted Victor to do a quality job and he did not disappoint. His workmanship was impeccable and he used only the best materials. Most importantly, he is reliable and conscientious. He worked very hard and spent many extra hours to ensure we would be happy with the final product. Whenever a question arose, Victor would consult with us before proceeding. His only objective was to make sure that we were happy. We would highly recommend Castagna Construction to anyone considering a new home, addition or other building project.

— T. and D. Slenkamp

I can't say enough good things about Castagna Builders, and owner Victor Castagna. My project involved completely rehabilitating an old two-bedroom house that had been severely negelected. The bathroom and kitchen were demolished and replaced; closets were built; flooring throughout replaced; a handicap ramp built, and on and on. The work was completed professionally and on time, with attention to detail and quality. The best part was working with Victor, whose customer service skills were excellent. He kept me fully informed, listened and responded to my needs as the project unfolded. Hed was flexible, honest and thorough. I would hire him again without even looking at another company.

— J. Cannon

We contracted with Mr. Castagna to build our home … and found him to be upstanding and energetic. His professional attitude came through immediately. He was quick to return phone calls and give advice as well as listen to our needs. His knowledge of the building trade is remarkable as is his work. We found Mr. Castagna to be a hardworking and motivated individual with an understanding of the project from the start. His ability to work with the inspectors made this project all the more easy for us. Mr. Castagna was constantly on the job making sure that all aspects of this undertaking were being handled perfectly, and they were. Thanks to Mr. Castagna we now have the home that we have always dreamed of for years. … Based on our experience working with Castagna Builders, we can unreservedly recommend them.

— Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hoffner

Castagna built my house … and I have no problem recommending your houses to anyone interested. I have had absolutely no problems with my new home. Other than minor nail pops, which every house has and are easily fixed, there has not been one problem. Even when I needed to call you for questions about my house, you were prompt with returning my calls and helpful. So if you need somebody to vouch for your work, just let me know.

— A. Padulese

The Castagna Construction company will always be our first choice in a builder. We have used them on two separate projects. One was a garage conversion ... The second was an addition on the back of our home ... In both cases the jobs were of high quality, and finished right on time. Vic Castagna personally oversaw all aspects of the construction, not like some companies who subcontract out and you never see the owner. We would highly recommend Castagna Construction to anyone who is looking for reliable, high quality, modestly priced work.

— Sincerely, J. and B. Demarco

As an owner of a Castagna constructed home, we find ourselves at ease and confident of the craftsmanship that surrounds us. We worked side-by-side with Vic on the creation of our home, with the result being exactly what we dreamt of. He took pride in every nail that was put into this home, and it shows. Compared to other contractors in the area, he is available whenever there is a question or if something is not working correctly. My husband and I ran into a few plumbing and heating issues recently, and all we had to do was call Vic. He made the phone calls and did not sit still until our problems disappeared! Vic is a very reliable contractor that looks out for his customers at all times. We are very, very proud to have bought a house built by Castagna Construction.

— Thank you again for everything, K. Donaghy

I became acquainted with Mr. Castagna by way of a search for a home on the Internet. During the course of my search, I saw an architect’s rendering of four houses that were going to be built in Clayton. The builder was Castagna Construction, so I made an appointment to see the property. When I met Mr. Castagna, he seemed very nice and patient, explaining the entire process of building from start to finish. Mr. Castagna showed me the floor plans of the houses he was going to build. I chose the model I wanted and after speaking for a few minutes with him, I knew he would build my new home. I knew he was honest and trustworthy and he turned out to be very easy to deal with. He welcomed my input in the choice of light fixtures, flooring and appliances. I purchased my own plumbing fixtures, which cost over $1000, not knowing they were included in the price of the home. Victor urged me to return them. I did and was able to get my money back. ... Because of his integrity, I saved $1000. He used only the finest materials. As a result, I have a beautifully built home that I am extremely proud to own. Victor and the realtor he works with protected my interests throughout the settlement process. I highly recommend Mr. Victor Castagna‘s construction company to anyone wishing to have a home built.

— J. Newby, Clayton, N.J.

Building a home can be a very trying experience, believe us we know.  We have purchased three newly constructed houses.  Victor Castagna is the only builder that I would do business with again. We have found him to be honest, a quality, which a lot of builders lack, concerned, timely and accessible. He always answered his phone when we called with a question or concern, and addressed whatever issue we had promptly. Whatever changes we made,Victor was very accommodating, and all upgrades were affordably priced. After settlement, when builders can be difficult to contact, Victor was always there to address any and all corrections or repairs immediately. We don’t know what else to say but we trust him.

— H. and J. Nerozzi, Blackwood, N.J.

My wife and I had the good fortune to have chosen Victor Castagna of Castagna Home Builders as our General Contractor to build our new home. Mr. Castagna helped us navigate through the entire process. He explained everything to us with clarity and patience. Never did a concern or question of ours go unanswered. No decision was made without a full discussion of all options available to us. We felt confident that Mr. Castagna always had our best interests in mind. He made himself available to us on a daily basis. Also of great importance Mr. Castagna was a “hands-on” General Contractor, meaning he was on the job site everyday. He personally oversaw all aspects of the building process, from the first nail to handing us the keys to our beautiful new home.

— We welcome all queries regarding Castagna Home Builders and Victor Castagna at daviddurham1 at verizon.net.

As time passes so quickly, we realize we never sat down to write you a letter to tell you how happy we were with our addition. The work you did was phenomenal! To think when we started this project, the weather was quite nice in the high 60s to low 70s — great weather for January. And then the week after they started digging the hole, it was freezing or below. This weather change was totally crazy. We totally appreciate you not missing a day because of the weather. ... We certainly appreciate your willingness to be flexible with the changes we made through the course of construction, and for all your professional input in helping us make informed decisions. Thank you for your patience. If we could tell your potential customers something, we'd let them know how professional and caring your company was with us. We would also like to say that all the subcontractors you hired were definitely of the highest quality. We never had a worry as far as having construction workers around the house with small children here. … We had no problems with permits before, or approvals after, the work was done. We are totally satisfied with all aspects of the job you did for us.  Thank you again for everything.

— J & D Leonard

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